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Christmas Eve in March

There was a commercial during the Super Bowl (which is all I watch on Super Bowl Sunday. Well, that and This isView full post »

So about that Christmas card…

Merry Christmas friends! Here is our digital Christmas card of sorts, sharing with you a few moments in ourView full post »

Silent Night

I have been quiet lately. I have still taught my children, talked to acquaintances, worked, laughed and argued with myView full post »

Love and Good Vibes only

eff 2014… well it was a year God grew us and challenged us and showed us his love… but seriously effView full post »

The Cookies

every year I dread making sugar cookies because I’m terrible at it… but every year when the kidsView full post »

The Gingerbread

thank goodness for Trader Joes… this holiday we did everything fun, but nothing that we didn’t wantView full post »

The Tree

Every year we get a tree for free, a bedraggled, lonely Charlie Brown tree. And every year it’s perfectView full post »

Santa Flew In

Each Christmas Jesse’s squadron flies Santa and a few of his elves in on a helicopter. The kids get to sayView full post »

The Ride

“Would you go to heaven? There is a sign you must stand beside where the man with the cigarette takes theView full post »

Last Christmas Chrome

My love of images began with my parents’  slide projector, light streaming through grainy images, theView full post »

Christmas in March

well I finally got our Christmas morning blogged. Here is a little video that tells the story, it’s kinda longView full post »

to believe in the work

I think I may have finally come to believe in the work of motherhood, in the artistry. I wantedView full post »

26 minutes

This is my life. 26 minutes of it. Put this on repeat all day long and sometimes into the night and you can view theView full post »


We made Christmas presents this year. I have made them in the past when the kids were little and I had more time on myView full post »

Sugar Cookie Makin

It’s a family tradition we all love to hate. The sugar cookies and gingerbread men never look or taste veryView full post »


“They were born of our young and eager love”   –   from the movie The Family Man They wereView full post »


I didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas this year. Thanksgiving itself was hard enough.View full post »

Helicopters, Swords, Santa and such…

Sometimes Santa does in fact fly in . . . in this case on a helicopter. This was our dayView full post »


Let me begin by saying that I am a dork. You probably already know that but for example… I hate Star Trek butView full post »

Merry Christmas!!!

This was our attempt at getting a photo of our whole family together! I set the camera up for Jesse’s momView full post »

BOOM. Christmas

nuff said. 12-25-11 . 24-70View full post »

He is Come

He is come. and so quickly I forget. How does life ever get mundane, how do the  fears, doubt and strife intrude uglyView full post »

our yearly Pilgrimage to see The Nutcracker (with me in a tutu)

Yes I am 33 years old and I wore a tutu to The Nutcracker ballet this year. They were on sale at LuluLemon, and itView full post »

It was Epic!

These photos don’t really fully portray how freaking epic this cookie decorating session was! I give mostView full post »