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What it looked like when they were young

When they are older they will doubtless stand still for a portrait to be made. They will smirk and give theirView full post »

Car seats and magic

“Drink your wine. Laugh from your gut. Burden your moments with thankfulness. Be as empty as you can beView full post »

Lizzy + Joe

      Can’t get enough of Lizzy and Joe in Leucadia, such aView full post »

Lizzy + Joe on Film

Lizzy and Joe are rad. We hung out in Leucadia and made pictures one late summer night. The above images are someView full post »

til the Last Light

Here are some favorites from a family session recently where we played and explored til the very last lightView full post »

Swordfight Session

It was a night full of adventure with this awesome family It was a fun night, loved every minuteView full post »

Welcoming Haven

Life is always surprising, giving gifts. It is a beautiful thing to welcome those gifts, make space in our homes andView full post »


A few shots from a newborn session I did recently. Such a sweet, beautiful baby girl with an awesome family! Here areView full post »

Squiz on Film

I met Squiz in 8th grade. We were weird then, we still are. She is one of the most loving, forgiving, creative,View full post »

2 Hours Before Sunset

I tagged along with friends of ours as they spent time at their favorite spot on the beach last weekend. SchedulesView full post »

Moving In

I have a beautiful friend. AView full post »

Don’t Give Up Project . Day 3

Day 3 of the Don’t Give Up Project with Ash and Jeremy Parsons is like waking up to old friends and a job wellView full post »

Don’t Give Up Project . Day 2

We stepped out of time as we know it during the second day of the Don’t Give Up Project put on by Jeremy and AshView full post »


Many days I’m blind. Hands placed decidedly across my eyes or hiding behind a wall, to timid to peek out. SomeView full post »

Running in the Alley…

“The artist, if he is not to forget how to listen, must retain the vision which includesView full post »

More than we know

I’m rereading a favorite book. More than a book, as my eyes fall onView full post »

into the Fog

I photographed my friends’ family awhile back. As I drove home the light was golden and I was excited to get toView full post »

Tic Tacs and Jewels

Well you know its time to bring a session to a close when all the kids break out the crazy eyes! Take a jewel bedeckedView full post »

Photo Walk

I went on a photo walk with some friends in September. It was nice to connect with others who are passionate aboutView full post »

Before He Left

I shot a session with my friend’s  family before her husband deployed recently. Her boys are friends with mineView full post »