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There is chaos.

There is mess. Toys strewn about the floor, days I don’t exit my pajamas. My patience is lost at least once a day, oh really many times more.

There is noise. So. Much. Noise. And if I do my job well and if God sees fit, they will grow and leave. And then it will fall quiet in our home. I will have time to do all those somedays . . .

and that scares me to death. Motherhood is all encompassing. Motherhood is a slow leaving.

But this, this little film. This is my life. Those million moments strung between frustration, fear and inadequacy. Those perfect moments, all that beauty. And the melody plays through, whispers that God holds it all together. I can’t decipher but He knows what He is doing. They won’t be lost and one day all will fade into the beauty. And their song, it is so lovely

(scroll down for some geeky talk about the video )

This is my first video in Final Cut Pro X. My man got me it for Valentine’s Day – best Vday gift ever! (at least for geeky me ) I am head over heels for Final Cut and can’t wait to learn more! I see some staying up til the wee hours of the morning in my future – it’s kinda addicting. I made the mistake of shooting this with my 85mm to see if I could get sharper focus. Alas using a prime lens instead of my 24-70 zoom just made for more movement and shakiness. I think I will be sticking with the 24-70, I hear it just takes time to learn the focus. Didn’t do much tweaking. Just ran the stabilization and color analyzation and balancing. I adjusted the exposure manually on a couple clips but didn’t go too crazy. I LOVE the controls for exposure, color balance etc.. graphic and intuitive, makes playing fun! I hear this new one is pretty diff from the old one. People in the Apple store that know the old one have to go looking for some stuff in the new one but it sounds like it is way more accessible to users. If you have used iMovie you will have a good start and apparently you can take things way farther than I will probably ever have the know how for. ( i.e. it’s still very much a Pro program) Thanks for looking at my first attempt!

3-13-12 . 85mm . 5D + Final Cut Pro X