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a raft, a blog and a dream

my little builder man, he made a raft.

and he made plans. plans for his raft to sail the seas – or at least a very large lake (after it was tested in a small pond of course)

i convinced him to first test it in our flooded yard. that’s where a six year old came face to face with the stark divide between dreams and reality – in a puddle.

the raft was not sea worthy and i was afraid he would loose faith. but no, it was enough that he built it, some day he would make a better one…

no matter the outcome, he must build rafts – he is a builder man

like him i must create, reinvent, photograph, make art, mumble, meander and ponder – oh and dream beyond the puddles…

always dream – who knows where it may take you, one day


  • Sue - Looks like he has the right idea. Pretty sure Einstien started out the same way.
    Love the patched knees!ReplyCancel