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Eight years missing him

It has been eight years missing my son born still and all too quiet on his due date. Almost fourteen years have provedView full post »


Daughter, The moon travelled close to meet your arrival. It loomed larger in the sky than any time in the past eightyView full post »

Guest Posting – Navigating Grief as Life Moves Forward

The wound remains. Time has passed, is passing still, and I hold our long, awaited baby. The pain of the full-termView full post »

Seven Years Missing Him

It’s been seven years, and this time I’m not surprised, by the anniversary, by the march of time. LosingView full post »

5 years missing him

It has been another year living this life where losing a child is reality. There was a time when I didn’t knowView full post »

Our summer on 100 rolls of film > real fast with music

Jesse likes to ebay. Last summer he bought a box of 100 rolls of 12 exposure expired Fuji Superia. He told me itView full post »

Four Years Missing Him

I need for him to still carry weight four years after he left this earth. I long to look at him, to holdView full post »


“They were born of our young and eager love”   –   from the movie The Family Man They wereView full post »

three years missing him

I have been walking the edge of darkness, staring into the abyss doubt grows heavy and I am afraid Afraid there mightView full post »

Joshua Tree

We finally made a pilgrimage to Joshua Tree. We left this world and entered another – that I think knows of theView full post »

I Really Hate Halloween

I really hate Halloween. Yes I have said it. I hate the taunting of and reveling in all that is dark. I hate walkingView full post »

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks. I looked up the definition of give. Wow, there are a lot of ways to give something away – toView full post »

Joshua Dash

I couldn’t get the photos off my phone or find the right words . . . It’s been two years and almost twoView full post »

One Year Ago

One year ago my baby was one day old. My man and I were still in shock from his early, crazy traumatic arrival, tryingView full post »

Why she saw Him

It just came to me. Why He appeared first to her. My pastor mentioned Christ showing His risen body to a woman thatView full post »


What do you do when you’re empty? When words hurl reckless and painful, when all you have is not enough andView full post »


When the knife cuts, bones break, the world shatters, dreams disintegrate… body and mind are numb, if not fromView full post »

this is the man

Sunday morning, quiet snuggles, waking light These are the moments of my life. The gifts God has given. The reason forView full post »

a miraculous face

iheartfaces is looking for the favorite faces of 2010 this week. I love all my boys but this little guy has toView full post »

One Year

it has been one year since he left me, Joshua i would not have survived this day if God had not given meView full post »

He’s Here

It doesn't quite seem possible and at the same time I can't remember life without him. He's Here. In MyView full post »

I feel him in the sand

  I was planning to take the kids to the beach this morning for a fun photo shootView full post »

I am broken

I don't know what to do  or say… and so I just wait – to see what God will do and I try toView full post »

thoughts on motherhood, loss and the sea…

this is one of the few pictures I took of my third son, the one I lost…  i think we most truly know andView full post »