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So about that Christmas card…

Merry Christmas friends! Here is our digital Christmas card of sorts, sharing with you a few moments in ourView full post »

The biggest mistake I made this Advent…

“In John 3:16, Jesus teaches us that the God who exists loves. Let that sink in. The God who absolutely is.View full post »

Why “I do” is a daily act

We were children and we were full of wonder. We were seeking more than just ourselves and we were hurting. It has beenView full post »

Fancy Snazzy

When our school has “Fancy Snazzy Dress Up Day” most of the kids wear fancy dresses, suits and ties.View full post »

Worth it

For six years I have wondered if it’s cruel to put them through it all over again. When we began talkingView full post »

After the Rain

In California every day is the same. Blue. Sunny. When we moved here I was glad for that. I was so tired ofView full post »


Every year they do Junior Lifeguard camp. Every year they become the next level of watermen. So proud of themView full post »

Year’s Beginning

Every year we begin with a climb. Right up the hill and back. We’re joined by crowds making the pilgrimageView full post »


My boys all dressed up, running around in the golden hour. You can head over to Childhood Unplugged for moreView full post »

Simple Moments

It’s that time again. Another new month, another chance to take stock of how we are living the majority ofView full post »

Childhood Unplugged

My kids don’t have everything, but what they do have is made of dirt and sunshine, the moon, stars, oceanView full post »

the tribe

Shortly after we moved here, happy to be back in California but uprooted once again due to my husband serving inView full post »


“Of course the Neverlands vary a good deal. John’s, for instance had a lagoon with flamingos flyingView full post »

bunkbeds + books

They are my heart, my very being. They complain, argue and make messes. They create what I never could imagineView full post »

Artist’s Statement

We drove across the country and I shot a roll of film, and the photos were all a mess. Light leaks or maybe myView full post »


Last December we went back to Indiana for Christmas. These are a few film shots from the kids’ first ice skatingView full post »

Love and Good Vibes only

eff 2014… well it was a year God grew us and challenged us and showed us his love… but seriously effView full post »

The Cookies

every year I dread making sugar cookies because I’m terrible at it… but every year when the kidsView full post »

The Gingerbread

thank goodness for Trader Joes… this holiday we did everything fun, but nothing that we didn’t wantView full post »

The Tree

Every year we get a tree for free, a bedraggled, lonely Charlie Brown tree. And every year it’s perfectView full post »

tell the light not to go

The light was fading on the mountain. We made portraits, and then ran crazy with a fake deer. I love theseView full post »

Open Hearts

It’s October again. A hard month. It used to be the month I lost my son, last year it also became the time IView full post »


Our friend is an amazing maker of skateboards and surfboards, and an awesome Dad. He made his sons surfboardsView full post »

Our summer on 100 rolls of film > real fast with music

Jesse likes to ebay. Last summer he bought a box of 100 rolls of 12 exposure expired Fuji Superia. He told me itView full post »