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For the love of a good story

Daughter, You were just a hope last October. You were curled up inside me, dancing unseen, and your hiccups were myView full post »

I haven’t yelled at my kids in three weeks and this is what I have learned…

Before I made this commitment to not raise my voice for one year, I was not living a life of congruence, and I stillView full post »

Why “I do” is a daily act

We were children and we were full of wonder. We were seeking more than just ourselves and we were hurting. It has beenView full post »

When you wonder what you’re doing…

I help him pack his lunch, lay out his new uniform and tie his cap on tight. It is the first day for him to follow inView full post »

When you realize you’re not enough…

I held my newborn daughter, long awaited and hoped for after losing three precious babies and after growing threeView full post »

When you realize you can’t keep up …

I had high hopes. I cleaned off my laptop and organized my photo catalogs. I was going to blog this baby right,View full post »

When a summer day comes crashing down…

The notification pops up in my email… A claim for an automobile accident on our insurance. I was in aView full post »

What to do when time won’t slow down

When a babe is born, time alters. We count it in days and then weeks instead of months and years. There is eating andView full post »

When you’ve woken up together for many years

Daughter, I wait for the morning light to filter through the courtyard trees and into my room. At first just a glimmerView full post »

Fancy Snazzy

When our school has “Fancy Snazzy Dress Up Day” most of the kids wear fancy dresses, suits and ties.View full post »

When you’ve lost too much to do the normal things…

When you have lost, and lost, and lost again – you can’t do normal things that others do without aView full post »


There are many reasons for the silence. Many reasons not to open my mouth. Noise, noise, noise all day long, but I fallView full post »


Daughter, The moon travelled close to meet your arrival. It loomed larger in the sky than any time in the past eightyView full post »

Guest Posting – Navigating Grief as Life Moves Forward

The wound remains. Time has passed, is passing still, and I hold our long, awaited baby. The pain of the full-termView full post »

Finally Home

She feels so light in my arms. What if I cannot hold on to her? We buckle her into the carseat that is supposedView full post »

First Days

These first days after birth melt one into another, a beautiful fog. She was born at 12:38pm. Tonight I don’t haveView full post »

The Future…

The only place I marched today was to the grocery store and back home for my son’s thirteenth birthday party. But IView full post »

Worth it

For six years I have wondered if it’s cruel to put them through it all over again. When we began talkingView full post »

Joy – a birth story

This time my breath is calm and my hair brushed. I could have turned and walked back out, this is no middle ofView full post »


“Then, suddenly again, Christopher Robin, who was still looking at the world, with his chin in his hand, called outView full post »

Seven Years Missing Him

It’s been seven years, and this time I’m not surprised, by the anniversary, by the march of time. LosingView full post »

After the Rain

In California every day is the same. Blue. Sunny. When we moved here I was glad for that. I was so tired ofView full post »

Joy Rising

Sometimes I wake up and feel the stillness, I wonder if I’m empty again. I wait, trying just to breath whenView full post »


Every year they do Junior Lifeguard camp. Every year they become the next level of watermen. So proud of themView full post »