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I did what I never wanted to do again, and this is what I learned from it…

After a month of living in what felt like victorious grace, I yelled at my firstborn son. It began as these thingsView full post »

For the love of a good story

Daughter, You were just a hope last October. You were curled up inside me, dancing unseen, and your hiccups were myView full post »

I haven’t yelled at my kids in three weeks and this is what I have learned…

Before I made this commitment to not raise my voice for one year, I was not living a life of congruence, and I stillView full post »

Gently and Quietly – an impossible project is born

I have been delaying writing this post for some time now. First I knew I needed to do something, but wasn’t sureView full post »

When you wonder what you’re doing…

I help him pack his lunch, lay out his new uniform and tie his cap on tight. It is the first day for him to follow inView full post »

When a summer day comes crashing down…

The notification pops up in my email… A claim for an automobile accident on our insurance. I was in aView full post »

What to do when time won’t slow down

When a babe is born, time alters. We count it in days and then weeks instead of months and years. There is eating andView full post »

Silent Night

I have been quiet lately. I have still taught my children, talked to acquaintances, worked, laughed and argued with myView full post »

The Conquerer

He tells me “I’m Arthur King, and you’re mine princess.” I have beenView full post »


“How do we learn to see in the dark? It begins with a vow of watchfulness. By standing still – weView full post »

The Ride

“Would you go to heaven? There is a sign you must stand beside where the man with the cigarette takes theView full post »

“One True Sentence”

My friends loaned me a documentary of Sally Mann to watch. It had life, death and some nakedness in it. IView full post »

A Miracle

The words come first this time. I did not love my husband. I toyed with the wording inside my mind, trying toView full post »

11 Years

“that is the only purpose grand enough for a human life. Not just to love but to persist in love.”    View full post »


I didn’t want to know the ocean I didn’t think I had the strength for it’s uncertainty,View full post »

making the best of it

We have a tiny yard, at the home we don’t own, that we live in, right by the beach. It has a chain linkView full post »

The Buzzie’s Room

I have been feeling a bit stuck recently. I want so badly to make images of the quality other artistsView full post »


I wake up, bleary. Hoping for a few minutes to rouse courage for the day, a few moments of quiet first as the sunView full post »


A friend recently posted a quote from a favorite author, Donald Miller – “If the people who have what weView full post »

the Melody in the Chaos

I had a disappointing week. After hard work and recent days filled with unexpected joys and pleasant surprises, thisView full post »

“write hard and clear about what hurts”

I am writing these words to hold onto. Crafting them like a lifeboat, to carry me Pen to paper I write them intoView full post »

to believe in the work

I think I may have finally come to believe in the work of motherhood, in the artistry. I wantedView full post »

26 minutes

This is my life. 26 minutes of it. Put this on repeat all day long and sometimes into the night and you can view theView full post »


“They were born of our young and eager love”   –   from the movie The Family Man They wereView full post »