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Four Years Missing Him

I need for him to still carry weight four years after he left this earth. I long to look at him, to holdView full post »

How We Do Birthdays

These images are from Aaron’s ninth birthday in January, but this is pretty much how we do all bdays now. BeachView full post »

This is how we do birthdays

Breakfast in bed, mayhem, madness, simple gifts, board game and archeryView full post »

three years missing him

I have been walking the edge of darkness, staring into the abyss doubt grows heavy and I am afraid Afraid there mightView full post »

two years at home

My baby man turned two years old this September and we celebrated for two days. Started the festivities with a trip toView full post »

two years on a train

Time is an unfair friend It’s insistent march bringing me all that I have and ripping everything away, piece byView full post »


As the photographer, there are very few photos of me with my children. So my sweet man is learning the cameraView full post »

Two Years in the Morning

I wake by the sea, snug in my bed, a little blond babe wrapped round me. Him snuggled up close, breathing soft. WakeView full post »

Two Years at the Beach

Thank God for this little man. Jeremiah Asher. Last week we celebrated two years of holding him close and watching hisView full post »

Our Son Become a Young Man

My oldest little man turned eight. What did he want to do? Where did he want to be… on a snowView full post »

on the Mountain

Well I came across some photos I edited and forgot to post! You can check out the start of our time atView full post »

Baby Man’s Big Day!

September 7,2011, 6 am – lying in bed nursing you just like I was a year ago at that time. But today it is justView full post »

sugar and spice

Two little girls full to the brim of sugar AND spice! So fun to take photos of tutus, ribbons and everything nice,View full post »

little green princes and princesses

Today some wonderful friends held a lovely party inspired by knights, princesses and general fairytale happiness.View full post »