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So about that Christmas card…

Merry Christmas friends! Here is our digital Christmas card of sorts, sharing with you a few moments in ourView full post »

Silent Night

I have been quiet lately. I have still taught my children, talked to acquaintances, worked, laughed and argued with myView full post »


My boys all dressed up, running around in the golden hour. You can head over to Childhood Unplugged for moreView full post »

Motherhood was baking pies

Motherhood was baking pies, and the books she would read. And the way I could melt into her chest warm with aView full post »

Love and Good Vibes only

eff 2014… well it was a year God grew us and challenged us and showed us his love… but seriously effView full post »

The Cookies

every year I dread making sugar cookies because I’m terrible at it… but every year when the kidsView full post »

The Gingerbread

thank goodness for Trader Joes… this holiday we did everything fun, but nothing that we didn’t wantView full post »

The Tree

Every year we get a tree for free, a bedraggled, lonely Charlie Brown tree. And every year it’s perfectView full post »

Our summer on 100 rolls of film > real fast with music

Jesse likes to ebay. Last summer he bought a box of 100 rolls of 12 exposure expired Fuji Superia. He told me itView full post »


My hands are empty. There are children running circles round me, but my hands are empty. I have come to termsView full post »

Santa Flew In

Each Christmas Jesse’s squadron flies Santa and a few of his elves in on a helicopter. The kids get to sayView full post »

The Ride

“Would you go to heaven? There is a sign you must stand beside where the man with the cigarette takes theView full post »

Last Christmas Chrome

My love of images began with my parents’  slide projector, light streaming through grainy images, theView full post »


These photos turned out like real family Thanksgiving photos, grainy, out of focus, random. ButView full post »


I normally hate Halloween but I liked this one a lot. 10-31-13 . Nikon One Touch, Leica something point and shootView full post »

Four Years Missing Him

I need for him to still carry weight four years after he left this earth. I long to look at him, to holdView full post »

11 Years

“that is the only purpose grand enough for a human life. Not just to love but to persist in love.”    View full post »

Lighthouse 120

I shot this roll when we visited a lighthouse for Mother’s Day. It was magic and the kids were stoked,View full post »

How We Do Birthdays

These images are from Aaron’s ninth birthday in January, but this is pretty much how we do all bdays now. BeachView full post »

Point Loma

“School isn’t supposed to be a polite form of incarceration but aView full post »

when the drugs wear off

I remember easing into the car three times. My insides ripped raw, a new baby cradled next to me. I remember floatingView full post »

Searching for Easter

When I was young my parents would send us on a Bible verse scavenger hunt on Easter. We’veView full post »

Easter Eggs

They always create colors and textures I never could have dreamed up 3-27-2013 . 35mm . VSCO1 Portra400++View full post »

This is how we do birthdays

Breakfast in bed, mayhem, madness, simple gifts, board game and archeryView full post »