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Every year they do Junior Lifeguard camp. Every year they become the next level of watermen. So proud of themView full post »

the tribe

Shortly after we moved here, happy to be back in California but uprooted once again due to my husband serving inView full post »


“Of course the Neverlands vary a good deal. John’s, for instance had a lagoon with flamingos flyingView full post »

Artist’s Statement

We drove across the country and I shot a roll of film, and the photos were all a mess. Light leaks or maybe myView full post »

tell the light not to go

The light was fading on the mountain. We made portraits, and then ran crazy with a fake deer. I love theseView full post »

Our summer on 100 rolls of film > real fast with music

Jesse likes to ebay. Last summer he bought a box of 100 rolls of 12 exposure expired Fuji Superia. He told me itView full post »

Their Ritual

Every month my boys go on a campout with their Dad and tribes of hundreds of other Dads and their boys. So thankfulView full post »

Wood for Days

Felling trees with hand painted axes. All day. Men and children. 11-1-13 . Minolta Autocord,View full post »

the Mountain

I can’t possibly express how thankful I am for our friendship with this family and our adventuresView full post »

Surfed their Brains Out

A month or so ago I happened across a youth surf event/competition on my morning run. So I ran home, loaded up theView full post »

Lighthouse 120

I shot this roll when we visited a lighthouse for Mother’s Day. It was magic and the kids were stoked,View full post »


I didn’t want to know the ocean I didn’t think I had the strength for it’s uncertainty,View full post »

Hurkey Creek Chrome

We went on a family campout with the kid’s tribe and my brother in April – I shot a ton of images andView full post »

Squiz the Hiker

Squiz came to California, among other things we wore our stretchy pants and went on a hike 1-13 . Canon AE1, expiredView full post »

One Week / One Touch

Just got a Nikon One Touch, love it. This is one week full of surprises, via the One Touch and a roll of expired filmView full post »

J Tree Chrome

I don’t have a lot of images with my kids, but I have this one . . . Some slides from our camping trip inView full post »

Point Loma

“School isn’t supposed to be a polite form of incarceration but aView full post »

Hurkey Creek

Thankful to be under the sky amidst the wind and trees, along the stream with my boys. Scroll down for a video of thisView full post »

to see a meteor shower

the last one’s my favorite 50 ISO at dusk is tricky, but I’m learning and that’s all I had.View full post »

weekends in the mountains with friends

so very thankful for these times canon AE1 – lomography slide film . Olympus OM2 – Velvia100 .View full post »

a slow weekend

These images were taken on a rare weekend recently where we “didn’t do much” It was so relaxing toView full post »

“won’t you learn to fly”

We like to stop by the gliderport round sunset. Watch people hurl themselves off a cliff over the Pacific ocean,View full post »

Squiz on Film

I met Squiz in 8th grade. We were weird then, we still are. She is one of the most loving, forgiving, creative,View full post »

two years on a train

Time is an unfair friend It’s insistent march bringing me all that I have and ripping everything away, piece byView full post »