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Guest Posting – Navigating Grief as Life Moves Forward

The wound remains.

Time has passed, is passing still, and I hold our long, awaited baby. The pain of the full-term stillbirth and two miscarriages has dulled, but three of my seven children are not with me. The pieces will never be put back together here on earth.

And now, as I hold this newborn bundle growing into a healthy, wiggling child my arms remember the shape of what I have lost. Grief has become tangible, abstract mourning swallowed up by tiny breaths upon my neck, grasping fingers and curling toes…

Today I’m part of my friend Dorina Gilmore’s series on Navigating Grief as Life Moves Forward. I’m sharing about how holding this new precious little one has also brought back memories and grief over my babies that I will never hold. You can click HERE to read the entire post, and I hope it is encouraging to those of you who feel that grief is a long and unexpected road. You are not alone.