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How We Do Birthdays

These images are from Aaron’s ninth birthday in January, but this is pretty much how we do all bdays now. Beach cottage, swimming, surfing, launching rockets, campfire, good food, friends, s’mores, cake, sunsets and sunrises. It’s easy and by the morning after we are energized instead of exhausted and so very thankful for the three boys God has brought into our lives here on earth.

Together Jesse and shot a roll of black and white and a roll of slide film during this overnight party. It felt good to not be able to shoot more than 70 shots and that makes each frame more precious to me. Looking forward to slideshows with the kids and hopefully grandkids when they are grown.

1-24,25-2013 . Canon AE1, Olympus OM2 . Provia, TriX . Jesse took the shots of me and developed the black and white roll at home (and I cheated on the panoramic shots and cropped them)

  • Iryna - Your photography is so beautiful, Sharon. I can look and look at your photos for days. Many photos are taken of the beach, but the way you see/show it is somewhat different. Unique.
    Iryna x