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The Buzzie’s Room

I have been feeling a bit stuck recently. I want so badly to make images of the quality other artists I admire are. I want to make magic with film, I want more old cameras. I want to blow my mind. At the same time I am finding a lot of satisfaction in documenting other families, looking into their lives and preserving that space in time for them, and ultimately their emotions during this season of raising their children. And I’m becoming more selective. I don’t really experience life unless I’m making art from it, but I don’t want to wade through a bazillion images over and over again of the same thing of my own kids. I want to spend my time adventuring with my them, and the images that come from those explorations make me so happy, and make me want to skip over the more mundane  aspects of our life. However recently on this Tumblr I read this quote . . .

“How I made the picture is far less important than the fact that I made it.  The tools & techniques of any medium that are the means for expressing a feeling or idea are ultimately secondary to the feeling or idea itself.”  -Patterson

And it reminded me, the most important thing is the fact that I make the picture. To spend time looking so I can see what images I need to raise my camera and capture. And there is still so much of my life so close to me, regular as my breath in and out that I have not drawn in and documented. I know the messy rooms and rowdy play around the house so well that I think I will never forget, but I will . . .  I need to make the images – so we can feel these moments again later, and that gives me purpose.

5-9-13 . 35mm . VSCO2 Portra NC++ . (baby man calls his big brothers “buzzies” and playing in their room is his ultimate goal)