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Point Loma

“School isn’t supposed to be a polite form of incarceration but a portal into the wider world.”      – from Last Child in the Woods

That’s what I believe, what I know to the very core of me. And that’s why I stumble through math and phonics, the house always a mess, barely a moment to breath, patience worn thin, often wondering if we are doing the right thing for our family by homeschooling. But then they say “I love you” bringing me rocks and leaves to examine, eyes full of wonder rushing off into the world and back to share.

This is our path and I am so thankful.


(btw the second to last shot is the kids being sworn in as Junior Rangers – awesome program through the National Parks, just ask at the visitors center)

Mother’s Day 5-11-13 . 28mm, 40mm . VSCO1 Portra400+ Kodak3