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We made Christmas presents this year. I have made them in the past when the kids were little and I had more time on my hands but as they have gotten older it has been easier to just buy. That’s not where my heart is at though. This year we kept it simple and even more joyful for ourselves. And we created presents for the grandparents.

When presented with blank t-shirts to decorate, my right brain David doodled to his hearts content. My left brain Aaron immediately set to work meticulously reproducing his favorite Quicksilver shirt – ha! Then we did some other crafts including turning some Trader Joe’s treats into Santa and Rudolph. Had to wait to post these till after Christmas in order not to spoil the big surprise, I thought the Grandparents might enjoy seeing a peek into the boy’s artistic process. They were pretty proud of themselves!

12-8-12 . VSCO2 Portra 400UC+