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Two Years at the Beach

Thank God for this little man. Jeremiah Asher.

Last week we celebrated two years of holding him close and watching his little life grow. We celebrated two years with two EPIC days.

We began at Seaworld and I took images with our waterproof film camera and can’t wait to get them back and blog them.

After a day of the “Memo” fishes blowing our little guy’s mind, we went to our place, the beach. And we did what we do. And I finally documented it.

Then I went to sleep thinking about two years before when I couldn’t sleep because contractions were keeping me awake three weeks before we were due to meet our Jeremiah.

Thinking about how scared I was two years ago that I would never hold him alive and well in my arms – as I wrapped my arms around his squishy two year old body cuddled sandy and snoring on the beach cottage’s white sheets. So full of life and thankful, holding my Jeremiah and missing my Joshua.

9-6-12 . 28mm . last light and after dark on the beach