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White Space

I don’t have a lot to say.

Just that this is my white space. My days are full crowded with noise and work. Recently it’s decisions and worry. But everything has to drop and I pick up the lens to rightly see little boys in golden light. Night falling and they are still full to the brim with energy, running, running . . .

They say the most important part of a piece of art is the negative space.

When you’re putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas, what you’re actually crafting are the untouched areas. The decision to let lie at rest brings the beauty and the focus to the focal point, the point of importance, that one part that truly matters and has something to say in the work. The dancing play of white space lets the work breath, empowers it to speak.

The to do list looms, worries creep in. I try to think it all through, work out the puzzle, control the uncontrollable and I run on empty. Til I remember this cramming of it all in makes for kitsch and ugly paintings. The overworking of the brush strokes muddies the image. So I erase space to take a deep breath. This my white space, garden growing and capturing the moments, sitting with steaming tea and squares of chocolate to see where they will take me. I fell in love with editing my photos while I lay on the couch healing, baby snug on my chest, then as he grew, me at my desk with him lying snoring across my shoulder. Now he gallops through the day, nurses and falls to dreaming in his bed as I sneak downstairs for a few moments of quiet to soak up the day. For a few moments of white space . . . that helps me rightly see them

(I was inspired by  a photographer blogging his homemade slingshots. So I got my boys some slingshot bands but they are still in search of the “perfect” sticks for them. While they search they wreak lots of mayhem shooting playdoh from them with their hands. This night baby man joined in the craziness! What could be more fun for a toddler than a giant rubber band? And yes Baby Man’s other nickname is Ninja Baby! )

Do you have white space in your life? If not, get some quick! It could be anything, cooking, crafting, gardening, reading, running, anything you love that puts your mind at rest and lights your heart up . . .

5-14-12 . 24-70mm . dusk