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30 Days of Wisdom

I sent him those words, him trudging in snow, willing to serve, hoping to fly.  I found them in a bookstore, etched into smooth metal, sent it to slip between sacred sheets of paper. Those words they have echoed on, and on… through sickness and health, separation and reunion, good times and bad, four kids and almost ten years. Those words, the faith to get through the fear.

I hold onto words, pull them in and construct a crude life raft. Words to hold me in a sea of life. When the fear comes heavy I read the ancient book, the wise men and when all goes well I forget. We all do, we human race, we forget…

The old year rushes out a flurry of celebration, remembrance and gratitude. The new year dawns a magic of possibility and we are swept up in the promise of blank pages. And then the calendar turns, the sacred days run one into the next – holidays, school days, sick days, work days, even resting. I see each one breaking forth new and feel the same distraction and exhaustion creeping in. I applaud the sunset and try to whisper a prayer of thanks before slipping into bed, dark hugging the hard worked bodies to sleep.

I need to remember. I need to gather it all in and focus on just what is important. Not marching forward blindly but dare I say it? seizing as much of each day as I can possibly hold. So I will write these words. White etched into dark, piercing through and the flakes fall down like snow… I will write these words and remember till I turn the page. 30 days of this one wisdom handed down.

Then the next joyful page will come, blank and inviting all we can and must do. Squares laid out to hold our plans. I whisper a prayer as I sketch them in, please bless us with these days. On this new page I will determined write another scripture, a spoken word or song. And 30 days I will cling to it and march by it’s rhythm when I am too tired to look up.

(For my personal photography/life project “30 Days of Wisdom” I will be copying down a quote, verse or lyric that is meaningful to me on the chalkboard in my kitchen each month. I will create an image from it and share it on this blog.  My hope is that this process will impact my daily life. The project will live here.  Feel free to pass it on, pin it, etc… This is my quote for March, starting a bit early since it’s my first one.)

“Never, Never, Never, Give Up.” – Winston Churchill   (Image by me. Words by Winston.)