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Hardcore Buildin Time

Aaron started his career in life demolishing things, throwing, banging, ripping, etc…  Well meaning destruction was his favorite pastime. Then there was an age around four years old if I remember right where he switched gears from disassembly to assembly. First he began digging holes which was a transitional activity for him I. Then it was on to Legos, Legos, Legos! This soon became an outright obsession with our family full of boys and our home is now over run with the tiny building blocks. Legos turn up everywhere now, the laundry, the bathroom sink, the garden, the kitchen pantry, and ALL. OVER. their bedroom floor. I’m not complaining though. The much messier alternative  being his other building supplies which consist of pretty much whatever he can get his hands on… rubber bands, scraps of cloth, trash, cardboard, bits of wood and LOTS and LOTS of TAPE!

So if asked what his least favorite activity is … Aaron would probably reply being in stores with reading as a close second. He is making pregress though and just today begged to keep doing his reading program! Miracles DO happen! Give that little man a Lego instruction manuel and he could probably build the Empire State building. For Christmas we got him this remote control motorized tractor with a recommended age fours years beyond him. He disappeared upstairs with it before all the gifts were even opened and emerged a couple days later with a complete and working vehicle – and a VERY  big smile on his face!

So anyway what you see above is just a hardcore building session begun in the afternoon after church and stretching till past their bed time. We started with blocks, took a break for a fish dinner with our advent candles and then wrapped things up with a gingerbread train. An epic gingerbread train I must say.

A few things I love about this moment in time :

The baby wanting to hug the towers and not comprehending why they wouldn’t hug him back.

The fact that I just noticed that the shirt the baby man wore for block tower demolition says “BOOM.”

His smunchy little toes, toes, toes.

How much their Daddy loves building with them.

Complete engrossment of the baby man in his quite fabulous, all natural oyster cracker from our favorite fish market.

Sticky feet on the table.

The candy you don’t see piled on the train because it found its way into little boy mouths.

The perfection that is that train.

My builder man Aaron and his builderman apprentice David.

(I do need to add that David is really following in his Lego maniac father and brother’s footsteps and really starting to hold his own in the building department. He does is with a bit of artistic flair that is all his own though. And he really digs mini figures, the more stylish the better!)

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