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For a little girl’s birthday party I just HAD to make something pretty and I wanted it to have ruffles, but I had never sewn a ruffle before. The morning of the party, baby man and I disappeared into sewing machine land while the rest of the family did some epic Lego building. (After Dad made his famous Saturday morning pancakes of course! )

I made a little purse just the size to hold a Fancy Nancy sticker book or coloring books. And I put a ruffle around the top! Ooohhh it was satisfying.

Sorry no tutorial here. I made it up as I went and probably couldn’t exactly recreate it. But you’re welcome to use the photos for inspiration. I’m sure someone has done the same thing much better…  All I cared was I had a snuggly baby next to me and I got to make something pretty and ruffly for once!