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i’m sorry, but i’m too in love

J on jesse shoulder w

i'm sorry my posting has been few and far between and totally dominated by this little guy…

but i am just so very very in love and every spare moment that isn't spent preparing a cozy little Christmas for my four men is spent snugglin on the couch with my babyman

i have been busy, baking, crafting, creating and photographing and coming up with goals and plans… and in 2011 i will share… but blogging all my myriad ideas will keep and baby boys grow up so my tippy top priority is soaking them all in one book-reading snuggle and homemade project at a time!

i know you understand – xo

  • Genevieve - utterly and completely! I’d be the same way with a fellow like that to look at. Actually, I’d be worse…I wouldn’t be getting ANYTHING done. 🙂
    Happy Christmas!

  • Sue - Indeed I do…….Happy snuggles to you

  • Susan - You got snuggle little man!! Time passes fast!

  • Twiggy - Enjoy the time it flies by doesn’t it? My baby is sat next to me on the sofa and is a beautiful strappping 5 year old now, where dod the time go?
    Twiggy x

  • jessica cudzilo - oh … i love this so, so much …