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home means to me…

Today I am taking part in sfgirlbybay's "What Home Means to Me" Pin it Forward  event. Bloggers have been visually documenting what home means to them on Pinterest and then passing on the chain through their posts. The Sharpie Chronicles passed the baton to me yesterday and I am handing off to Sandy a la Mode tomorrow…

soooooo anyhoo, What  does Home Mean to Me?

It's a good time for me to reflect on this because all my earthly possessions are boxed up waiting for movers to take them away and I am about to leave the house I have called home for the past four years. I posted here about my need to move on… so I am thankful for a new location to live in and start afresh, and…

I'm not anxious about leaving home because home is always with me! Home is my husband and little boys, our faith in God and the little things we all do to make our lives together rich and fun. Home is the love we share and the silly things we do, it's the traditions carried on and the new lessons learned together. 

Home is hard to describe so you can experience my full Pinterest pinboard HERE. Below is a snapshot of part of it…

Home pinboard
I would love to hear what home means to you – oh and it will probably be a bit quiet around here in June as I make my way to our new home! 

  • Sandy a la Mode - i love the mix of your pinboard, from the food to the hearts to the boys! i also see an ink and button fascinator on there too (i did a giveaway for one of her fascinators a few months ago)! and thank you so much for introducing me, i can’t wait to share what home means to me tomorrow!

  • Ben - Great post! I was totally taken by those constellation eggs 🙂 Thanks for being part of pin-it-forward and doing such a great job!

  • sharon - Thanks – so glad you enjoyed! It’s a great blogging event and I am in love with Pinterest:)

  • amber - Home is anywhere my husband is. It’s also slowing down and taking time to enjoy what’s important in life and the people who we love.