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popcorn and a movie

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  When I was a little girl my mom had a big air popper that she made popcorn with. Then she would drizzle it with melted butter and sprinkle it with salt, mmmmm! I did my schoolwork at home in the morning and played make believe outside all afternoon. We didn't have cable but on cold or rainy days my mom made us popcorn and let us watch old movies. 

I just make plain popcorn in the microwave these days, now that I'm all grown up. Today I needed something a bit more though so without thinking about it… melted butter was drizzled and salt was sprinkled and… the minute I took a bite a foggy part of my brain was flooded with Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, The Sound Of Music, The Little Princess, Sergeant York, The Wizard of Oz…

We all have them, those certain smells, tastes, sights that take us back in an instant so intensely. I sat and ate and savored my way through the whole bowl, no specific memories just a lovely feeling of carefree days. Then I wondered – what are my kids experiencing now that will haunt them pleasantly when they are men?

and on I wondered… I am so engrossed in little boys right now, dirty hands and feet, bikes in the driveway, forts in the backyard. What will be the little whiffs of memory that bring these days back to me when they are grown? 

(above is a little sketch I did of my memory)

  • Karla - The sound of little fingers digging through Legos, looking for the perfect piece. The sight of a little girl crowned with braids. The scent of fresh summer sweat on little dusty, sunkissed faces. Just a few of the things that awaken memories… sweet….of days so treasured.