My boys all dressed up, running around in the golden hour. You can head over to Childhood Unplugged for more imaginative moments this month…


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  • ashley - Gosh your boys are so adorable and handsome and I just love the natural way you capture them – always feels very true to who they are and what they enjoy, never forced or staged. You make me look forward to the very real possibility of having three boys. And I love it.ReplyCancel

    • sharon - Aw thanks so much Ashley! They are def unique kids and I love seeing their story unfold :)ReplyCancel

In September we spent a few weeks back in the midwest, and my heart came alive – home, trees, bluegrass, fresh grown food and long dinners. These photos are from a morning we spent with our youngest at the same farmer’s market I went to with my parents when I was little. You can also view more unplugged moments over at Childhood Unplugged this month.


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  • Ashley - Beautiful images! xoReplyCancel

  • Monica - I felt like I was there. The colors, the people, the way you captured the details. I just loved this. I was feeling quite nostalgic seeing the Amish, or were they Mennonite? For about five years of my life growing up, we lived in a rural township in Michigan that had a large Amish community. I was obsessed with them. Their way of life. To the point that to this day I still have lots of art that hangs in my home from a photographer by the name of Bill Coleman. He is famous for being one if not the only photographer that was allowed into their world in Lancaster Pennsylvania to photograph their way of life through generations. You should check him out. Beautiful work. The images of that yarn…drool. And, is that a portrait of your Mom? Such a great portrait. Glad you had a good time.ReplyCancel


I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time last fall right after I turned 36. My kids were 11, 9 and 4 seeing it for the first time. Photos just don’t do it justice. Also if any parents have gone and not had a few mini heart attacks in between the amazement and wonder, let me know because you are a special breed. There was a rickety fence for about ten feet and then a ledge just tall enough for kids to trip over and then nothing, and three crazy boys running around and asking if you can skydive into the Grand Canyon. But it was worth it, so worth it.

You can head over to Childhood Unplugged for this month’s batch of outdoor and unplugged moments from the other project contributors…


photos of me taken by Jesse

  • jackie - Yes!! It was the most beautiful and anxiety causing experience all wrapped in one. My kids were 4 and 10, it was February, SLIPPERY snow everywhere, not sure how I even got one image of our time there I was so nervous. But wow, it was a priviledge to stand there once I moved passed all of that.

    Thanks for another wonderful view of such beauty.ReplyCancel


It’s that time again. Another new month, another chance to take stock of how we are living the majority of our moments unplugged as a family. I could never begin to show you all the myriad and diverse ways that plays out, but here is this month’s glimpse. Less than an hour, Jeremiah dressed up as Max, riding his car and jumping on the trampoline, taking off the hot, sweaty suit and heading in for a cool bath. And Aaron and David taking turns with some mechanical contraption Aaron won at school. It’s the simple things, it really is. Make sure to head over to Childhood Unplugged for more inspiration from the project’s contributors. And follow along on Instagram where this DEFINE student project has turned into a worldwide movement.



He makes shields out of paper plates. Captain America, Captain Ninja, Captain Dinosaur. Unplugged and running wild with his imagination. Check out more unplugged inspiration and images for June here.